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How Bradford Cricket League acquired the domain bradfordcricketleague.org

We have been contacted by multiple cricket clubs for information on how we acquired our domain. After answering half a dozen such emails, I decided to write up a case study on our website so that I could point all future queries on the same to this page. I hope that it helps other sport clubs get the domains that they deserve.

When I knew the kind of website that I wanted to create for my sports club, I knew that I wanted a specific type of domain that would work for our organization. Like every person who wants his amazing domain, I went to Godaddy and started searching for the names that came into my head. Two hours later, I realized that every decent name had already been taken. The only way I could get the domain that I wanted, was to purchase one with a strange foreign extension like .io or .ly. This was much before the new TLDs like pro and top were available. Even then, I knew I wanted the website to be a .org domain since we are a non-profit organization.

Frustrated with this, I signed up for a bunch of different domain name forums like namepros.com and DomainState and started contacting domain brokers to acquire the domain of my dreams. I had a budget of £ 500, but none of the domains that I liked were being sold for less than £ 2000. I spent the next 3 months trying to find a good deal, trying to haggle for a domain, but it simply did not work. I did some research into how the domain brokers were finding these domains and that led me to finding DomCop.

DomCop is a software that lists down all domains that have been deleted and are going to drop soon. You can then either try to catch the domains directly by hand registration or outsource the catching to a back ordering service. I soon found out that trying to hand register these domains was a fool's errand and that the fees for a back order were just £ 56 per domain (including registration fee).

At DomCop, you can search for domains using keywords and I spent 10 minutes a day for about 7 days searching through their lists (the lists are updated every day) and I found the domain that would work for me. I promptly placed a back order at NameJet a top Backordering service.

... and 2 days later, I was the proud owner of bradfordcricketleague.org. £ 56 was quite within my budget and I was ecstatic at finally having the domain I wanted. I moved the domain to DynaDot's Domain Name Registration service, the one that I prefer and I setup the website using iPage, a top Web Host.

Hope this helps anyone out there looking for the right domain name. It might take longer than you think, but it is totally worth the wait, mate!

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